Handmade with love

Small jewellery brand with a mission

Perhaps my story is just like yours. Or maybe it will be.
It was my birthday, and I finally did it. We all have dreams we’re too scared to pursue. My own small jewellery brand was one of mine.

I’ve always been a designer. As a kid, I created stick sculptures and leaf-tinted notebooks. Kids know what they’re doing. The thing is, we often make ourselves forget. Did you forget?

I didn’t, but I was lucky. I upgraded from sticks to jewellery, and my friends liked what I made. They kept asking for more. I crafted and DIYed so many products to sell; it helped me through Uni.

But it was always a side job.

Jewellery made in London

Like so many creative souls, I ended up in London. A young immigrant, working dull jobs Monday to Friday and selling my collections at Brick Lane Market every weekend. I thrived in it: the feel, the fashion, the freedom.

People loved the jewellery I made as much as I loved making it. So I took a plunge. October 31, 2014, I quit my 9-5 and created EKProject! I became a full-time, independent jewellery designer. I believe we should all follow our dreams.

Ethical brand values

The community is at the heart of every small business. Ethical values are at the core of my brand. I love seeing people react to my products, or even better, when I spot my statement earrings or geometric studs on a passer-by somewhere in the middle of this giant, vibrant city. It makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

That’s also why I’m vegan and strive to work sustainably. Shopping small is more ethical and meaningful. When you support eco-conscious businesses, quality trumps quantity. I hope it brings us all closer together.

Creativity is what makes us human. I love conceptualising original forms. My favourite style inspirations are scandi architecture, art deco and, of course, nature. That’s why I recently started my new line of minimalistic Home Décor. 

I work with my clients on custom designs as well. It’s fun to peek into peoples’ imaginations and bring their vision to life. Contact me, and I’ll be happy to design for you.

My designs are simple and elegant, light and unique. If you want statement jewellery that emphasises your individuality but doesn’t overwhelm, I think you’ll like my work.

Jewellery from recycled materials

I strive to work with biodegradable or recycled materials. I make sure to source them domestically, even though it costs more. Minimising the carbon footprint of my brand is one of my missions as a designer.

Handmade design

The process of handmade design differs from one creator to another. Sometimes it starts in my head as a complete idea, sometimes a certain colour or fabric inspires me to search further. I never sit down all set to sketch a particular item. The ideas just come to me at different moments.

Once the idea comes, I play around with the concept, drawing, cutting, combining. I transfer it to my software and prepare it for laser-cutting. All my pieces are laser-cut, which gives them a precise shape. I finish them off by hand. I do all the polishing, painting, decorating myself, which enables personalisation of each piece.

I love my work, and I believe it shows in my collections. I hope you find something perfect for you in my shop.